Patterson Automotive
George E. Patterson, owner
1517 Mount Herman Road
Murfreesboro, TN  37127-7436
Office:  (615) 603-7799    

Patterson Automotive features hassle-free pricing.  We don't play games.  No hidden fees.  You will love our low pressure style of pricing work to be performed, parts and materials on your vintage vehicle.  We guarantee our work.  Enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing that your vintage vehicle is in the hands of a true professional. 

           1957 Chevrolet Belair

Does this bring back memories??? This is the ultimate chevy classic with chrome and style at its best.  Nothing better than pulling this off the showroom floor and taking a cruise.  Driving around town with this will get you noticed.  The rare number matching car with the with original miles was a true love affair to restore.  Everything is back to specs and see is road ready.

        2008 Shelby Mustang
One of Carroll Shelby's customized mustang really helps to put a smile back on your face when it comes to driving.  Experience the joy of traveling in comfort and style and the instant recognition of a Shelby.  No matter what style of year model you love, they are all babies to us.


          1955 Chevrolet
This eye catching beauty was recently delivered to one of our customer and "Oh my, What a beauty!".  Full paint and body work was performed.  We take pride in every element of your vehicle.  
      1955 Chevrolet Nomad
When was the last time you saw a '55 Nomad cruising around town?  This work in progress is soon to hit the streets.  Full off the frame restoration is progressing.  With lifts, rotisserie, frame machine and sand blasting capabilities here at the shop makes this dream possible.  Watch for this beauty . . . coming soon!

       1969 Z28 Chevrolet Camero

This beauty was drug out of a field and in rugged shape with only one hope of becoming again what it was on the showroom floor. George personally restored this baby for his son.  A complete off the frame restoration has brought back this muscle car to it's original form.  Truly a labor or love and commitment this baby looks great today. 

Please consider us when it comes to repairing and or restoring your vintage vehicle. 

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